Sunday, September 4, 2011

It's 1:48 AM here, it's really quite :/ Dad called just now, around 1. I was like WTF who would call at this time, so I picked up the phone and scream -.- Damn I'm rude, funny! I thought it was my brother, mwehehe. I felt so calm when I heard my dad's voice. I really missed him, so much. Thank god he's coming back tomorrow. Have a safe journey dad, I miss you so much :( It's not fun when you are not here, hmm. I eat alone, raya also didnt feel so happy cause usually my dad and me, we went to my cousins house together. Without him it's just nothing. And the house is empty, no food to eat :O If my dad was here, it would be easy if I'm hungry I'll just asked him to buy some food. He'd go out to the nearest place, even though it's 3 in the morning. He would come back with a huge smile, and with a friendly Assalamualaikum and a warm hug. I miss hugging him. So much T_T I just missed him a lot. He's the best father any girl could ever asked for. No matter how much I hate him, but he always love me. He is the best father ever. he would let me wear anything, without complaining its ugly or whatever. He would say I'm a good daughter, and he would always text me saying he loves me. I just missed him so much. I just don't know why. I wish he is here, with me now. When I was 9, I slept alone with a small night light in my room. I remembered when the light was burned, I couldnt sleep so I called him. He would come back from work, and sleep with me in my room. And every night he would come in my room, kissed my head. Now, he just texted me, just to know if I'm asleep or not. He is the best dad ever. I know I've never treat him nicely, I really felt bad about it. I realise now, my dad is a wonderful dad. Allah gave me such a great dad, I thank to Allah for this. I love you ayah.

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