Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Day With My Baby

I love this crazy asshole boy! We love to make faces, he's the best ever ♥

Look at his nose, I love playing and making fun of his nose -.- I know it's fucking weird but who cares! :3 I love him.

My baby took this picture, isn't it pretty? I like this picture so much, and look at the Tutti Frutti, I decorated it! The person who works at the Tutti Frutti place was a bit puzzled when she saw me decorating it. It has to be pretty! Hihi

Baby took this, can you people do your eyes like mine? No right, I'm cool :D Haha

I had fun with me baby today, he was the best ever. Thank you for the Tutti Frutti, and thanks for accompanied me go buy some stuff :*

Look at my new vans, my Sayang choose it for me ♥

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